Date :
Mai 2003
Source :
Interview de Paul Di Anno Par Chris Garrel (merci Chris !)

Hello Paul. You’ve been touring for nearly one year with a new Killers line-up, can you introduce us the members of your band ?

Guitars: Cliff Evans and Marcus Thurston, Bass: Darayus Kaye and drums: Pete Newdeck.
Cliff is the only original member of Killers for more than 12 years though.

You‘re still playing a lot of Iron Maiden songs on this tour because the fans are asking for it. Will you play more Killers songs on the next tour set list ?

Yes Many more Killers songs and infact we have already started to play many Killers songs in the live

Did you already recorded the acoustic mini album of maiden classics that you may release this year ? What songs should be included ? When will it be release ?

It is not finished yet (but about almost half way through recording) including:

Remember Tomorrow
Dream Keeper
Strange World
The Beast Arises
Running Free
The Living Dead
and the rest must be a secret at the moment

Are you planning to record a studio album with this new Killers line-up ?

Yes later this year when I get some time free from touring.

You’re touring in Canada on June but no dates are scheduled in America. Is it because you’ve been in jail there a few years ago and that you’re banned in the USA ?

I am now clear again to go back to the USA again as I have been cleared by US immigration recently, but there are no plans to tour there again until next
year as I am fully booked this year.

You only stayed about five years in maiden. It’s a very small part but a very important part of your career. You did a lot of other stuff during the last twenty years but people still recognize you as the “former singer of Iron Maiden”. Aren’t you fed up of this situation ?

No because it is part of my life and my past, and it was my voice that helped to make Iron Maiden famous in the first place.

You’ve sold the copyright on the material you wrote for maiden to their management a few years ago. That’s means you don’t received any royalties on all the re-issues, re-masters, best of or live albums that they released on the last years. Don’t you feel that you’ve been ripped off by Rod Smallwood and Steve Harris ?

I made the decision to sell my royalties when I was broke, however it was my decision so I do not feel ripped off in any way as I accepted their offer,even if it was a very bad one at the time.

You haven’t been asked to join the benefit show for Clive Burr in Brixton Academy last year. Don’t you think Iron Maiden and their management are afraid of your reaction if you were together in the same room or playing on the same stage ?

I personally think they were probably frightened shitless that I would steal the show, or why else would they not invite me to attend?

Do you have any news from Clive since you met him last year at the Iron Maiden convention in Ruskin Arms ? How does he going ?

Yes occasionally.He is doing ok.

Some rumors are saying that Iron Maiden still have not give him any money from the Clive Burr MS Trust. Is that true ?

I really no not know anything.

Have you been at Eddie’s Bar in Portugal recently ? Do you got any news from Manu Da Silva, the crazy motorcycle man who rules the place ?

No I have not been there recently and have no news of it.

During the last twenty five years you were living in excess and you used and abused of the so-called trilogy “sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll”. Now that you became Muslim, isn’t it hard to follow the Islam doctrine with the rock’n’rol way of life on tour ?

I chose to be a "Semi" Muslim as I thought it was the best religion out of the whole bad bunch.Quite honestly I am not a true Muslim coz I drink booze, fornicate and still do many things that Muslims are not supposed to so.I have sort of adapted the Muslim faith to my way of thinking that suits me best.I don't really beleive in any religion, but this was the nearest for me and as you are probably aware I am always changing and will probably becomea Catholic next time. ha ha!!

What do you think of extremism in Islam or Christianity and about the way people use religion to control other people life ?

All extremists are cunts and should be locked away forever.

“Remember Tomorrow” was a song dedicated to your grand father. What is this song exactly about ? How much did your grand father influenced you in your life ?

The song is about what my grandfather taught me...and other things too which I cannot remember now.

Is it true that you should be starring a movie in Bollywood soon ? How did you get involved in this so-called Indian film project ?

My manager Lea Hart arranged it through his Indian contacts and as soon as I find some time off from touring I shall get started on it.

Here you go again, you’re going to marry with Tatiana your lovely Brazilian girlfriend on December. How many times have you already been married ? What’s wrong with Paul Di’anno and the women ?

I have been married many times as I was always posessed by demons (drink drugs and violence) for many years, but hopefully those demons have now fucked off for good and this one will last.

You are living now more often in Brazil than in Europe. In which part of the world do you feel the most comfortable ?

I feel most comfortable in Brazil but I now live in the UK.

You’re a West Ham fan for years. How and when did you start supporting the Hammers ? Are you going to Upton Park to attend home games when you’re in London ?

I started to support at the age of 14 and I go to matches whenever I have time.

What kind of music are you listening to nowadays ? Are you still in these old punk bands like UK Subs, Dead Kennedys or The Misfits ?

Now Sepultura,System of a Down,Machine Head,Ramones,Linkin Park etc.

What is the driving force that gives you the strength to carry on recording albums, going on tour and doing your musician job years after years after all this time spent on the road ?

It's all I know and all that I am good at.

Looking back at the past, do you got any regret or remorse about your career or private life ? In the other hand, what are you proud of ?

Far too many regrets to even think about.
Proud of: Well here's a thought: Where would Maiden be today if it were not for my voice in the first place??....I'm proud of that!! amongst other things.